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In my time in the bounce house business, I have seen many different attempts at repairs. Some good, some bad. If an inflatable develops a hole while in use it is common for someone to pull out a roll of Duct Tape and close that hole as best they can. This might get you through your event for the day.

bounce house duct tape repair
This inflatable is setup everyday for use in an indoor facility (who will remain unnamed as I feel no need to embarrass them) and has been this way for a while.

However, if you see a company pull out an inflatable that has duct tape on it before you even use it, you know this company is not skilled in their ability to do repairs.
First let us cover the bad. An opening in the vinyl of a bounce house surface is the easiest of all that I will cover to repair, but I have seen duct tape (as mentioned above), packing tape, and yes even masking tape, used in effort to close holes. Worse yet, is that after those “repairs” were made by the customer who had no options or know-how, the companies who owned those units allowed them to go back out into the field with no attempt at a proper repair. How would any of us feel as kids if there were a large swath of masking tape on the surface of the slide section of a bounce house? It would hurt, be sticky, and (if old enough) it might even scratch you! But lets just give these efforts the benefit of doubt. Maybe these repairs were forgotten about or proper repair materials were not available. But here are some that are just unacceptable:

bounce house seam repair
Seam repairs should be sewn back together and never repaired with a glue and patch system. That should be left for flat non-seamed areas.

On a slide where many children slide down every day, this company felt it was acceptable to have 8 different patches (none of which were completely glued down at the corners, making it easy to scratch an eyeball on if not careful) when there should have been 3 at the most.  More important though, is that when you do patch the sliding surface of a slide, a cover sheet of vinyl the size of the sliding surface should have been put on top to assure no future injuries could occur.  Fortunately for us, this company is one of our competitors and we can reference these things to our customers to show that Zero G Rentals actually cares about their children’s safety, as opposed to our competitors.

In the next few posts I will cover how to do a proper home repair, for open flat areas, seams, zippers, netting, Velcro, and other bounce house repairs…


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