"How much do Zero G Rentals bounce houses/moonwalks rent for?"

There are a few factors that change the cost of a rental such as delivery distance, length of rental, holiday pricing, and promotional offers. These factors will result in a cost from $100-$250 for a 4 hour rental. (which seems like a pretty wide range but delivery distance can really add up) If you are outside of our 5-mile free-delivery area, a delivery fee, based on current fuel prices, will be assessed. Longer or shorter rental times, will be charged $10 per hour more/less with the exception of a multi day delivery which will be charged a multi-day rate. For accurate pricing, go to our Contact-Us/FREE-QUOTE page and fill out the form for a FREE QUOTE online! (all quoted prices include your state's sales tax)

"What are Zero G Rental's cancellation policies?"

We understand there may be circumstances beyond your control. Therefore, you may cancel your booking from Zero G Rentals at any time up to your event, with no charge. However, if you do not call in advance and/or decide to cancel after we have already arrived and unloaded all your rental equipment from our delivery vehicle, you will be charged full price for the rental. Zero G Rentals will never cancel your booking unless absolutely neccesary. We list here a few reasons that may force us to cancel your booking.

  • We cannot set up, run, or allow you the customer to run, any of our inflatables in winds that exceed 15mph.
  • Precipitation of any form may cause us to stop the operation of any of our inflatable rentals. Last minute decisions may be required on the day of your rental which don't allow us to set up for your booked event. Please understand that we do this not only to preserve our equipment, but also for the safety of you, the customer. (It must be raining at the time of setup or the rain must be imminent, for us to cancel.)

"I have an in-ground sprinkler system in my yard. Is that a problem?"


SprinklerNo. Just be sure to tell us when booking your event that you have a sprinkler system, and we will make the neccesary adjustments. (see special preparations below)


"Do I, as the customer, have to make any special preparations in order for Zero G Rentals to deliver to my event?"

Only a few, and only if they apply to you.

  • SprinklersIf you have a sprinkler system, we ask that it be turned off one hour in advance, left off for the duration of your rental, and until we pick up the unit and have left the property.


  • DogsWe ask of pet owners that ALL pets be kept indoors while our employees are at your property (dog bites to employees have happened in the past, as well as allergic reactions), and remind you that no pets are allowed in any of our rental units at any time. We also ask that the area where the bounce house/moowalk is to be set up, be free of any animal droppings before delivery.


  • WiresDue to the height of some of our rental units, we do ask that you inspect the setup area for any low hanging tree branches and electrical or telephone wires. None of these can touch the units at any time because they may damage our inflatables, but more importantly we don't want you the customer to be injured by them.

(the setup area mentioned here is the area in which we will be placing the rental unit, which must be no more than 100 feet at it's furthest point from a standard 110-volt, 15+amp circuit, electrical outlet with no other devices plugged into it.)

"Are there any extra fees, that apply?"

The only time a fee will ever be issued to you by Zero G Rentals, is in the case of damage, missing pieces, cleanup, or water saturation. We do our best to provide the highest quality rentals, but if our units are damaged or require unusual maintenance due to your rental, we will be forced to issue a cleanup fee of no less than $50 dollars. We do this in part to discourage such abuse but also because we often take rental units from your home directly to someone else's home. And although we clean all of our units for germs and general dirt before every rental, extenuating circumstances require additional fees. These fees are rare, but are listed here as a precaution. If a fee is added to your rental, it will be discussed in length with you before you are charged.

"Do you require a deposit and what forms of payment do you accept?"


CreditCardsWe do not require a deposit and would prefer to take all payments at the time of your delivery. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), corporate/instituion checks, and cash.

***We do not accept personal checks.***