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Recently you may have heard of an accident in the news regarding an incident with a bounce house. We have been asked questions by many of our customers concerning their safety. Reports of "skyrocketing injuries in bounce houses", as stated by CNN's Miriam Falco, have been a bit misleading, and another of CNN's employees, Kelly Wallace, provided more inciteful commentary.  Common thought among the industry is that the number of injuries has increased at a statistical equivalent to the increase in popularity of the rentals.


In most incidents involving bounce houses, people who have either engaged in the setup of a bounce house or the oversight of a bounce house while in use, are often negligent in the following of proper safety precautions. Some lower quality rental companies may be negligent in giving proper safety instructions to customers, while other rental companies that do give proper instructions, are often ignored by their customers. And while no company wants to blame the consumer who is their company's life blood, we have often shown up to collect our inflatable at the scheduled time only to find a group of 20 kids inside the bounce house, all trying to do a mid-air flip, both of which are against the rules. Meanwhile the parents, who are supposed to be attending to the bounce house as agreed to in a rental contract, are standing a good distance away, enjoying an alcoholic beverage of some sort, paying absolutely no attention to what the kids are doing.

That being said, the customers are not always to blame. I have seen rental companies set up giant inflatable slides (which are roughly the shape of the main sail on a sailboat) in an open field with no surrounding trees, in winds upwards of (or above) 20 mph.  That is unacceptable, and should never be attempted.  If you are ever in a situation where a company (or a renter) tries to set up an inflatable under these types of circumstances, or any that you think are questionable, please for your own safety do not go on that inflatable.

At Zero G Rentals, safety is always our #1 focus!

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